Keys to Helping 2e Kids Develop Lifelong Skills

Mental health counselor Emily Kircher-Morris provides parents of twice-exceptional children with keys to help their neurodivergent gifted kids develop lifelong skills with a focus on affirmation and self-acceptance. Amy Estersohn finds the book clear and easy to browse.

A Fresh Way to Engage Students in Research

The Multigenre Research Project approach lets students truly show their learning and mastery on any topic they choose to explore. Melinda Putz provides teachers across subject areas everything they need to help students go deeper than PBL, says MGRP user Erin Corrigan-Smith.

Get Ready to SOAR into the New School Year!

A new school year can be filled with excitement – and stress. 5th grade teacher Kathie Palmieri suggests you SOAR into fall as you plan your structure and organization, assess your classroom, review and reset so you and your students can take flight in a welcoming environment.

SEL Picture Books for Middle School Advisory

Providing consistent opportunities for students to learn about and practice social emotional skills in middle school advisory can aid in their behavioral and academic growth. Teacher Kasey Short suggests 14 read-aloud picture books with questions that can support that growth.

5 Civic Education Steps to Preserve Democracy

If we do not invest more of our school time and resources in creating well educated citizens, there will be dire consequences. Educators Shawn McCusker and Tom Driscoll offer educators five steps to make civic education more meaningful and help contribute to a healthy democracy.

Online Learning Tools for Gifted Middle Graders

In Successful Online Learning with Gifted Students, author Vicki Phelps offers guidelines for getting started with online tools and engaging advanced learners in grades 5-8 using virtual and blended lessons. A winner that will reward his future students, writes Kevin Cordi.