Motivating All Kids to Engage in Math Class

Calling on her background as a researcher specializing in authentic math for all students, Ilana Seidel Horn provides detailed explanations of why detached students resist engagement and offers thoughtful responses that teachers in any subject can use, says reviewer Patti Mosko.

10 Ways to Build the Trust Kids Need to Learn

It’s difficult to learn from someone we don’t trust, writes literacy consultant Regie Routman. Bonding with individual students and their families builds that trust. Routman offers 10 ways to make sure that none of our students ever become “mostly silent and unseen.”

Treating Your Classroom Like “Prime Real Estate”

Self-check classroom and school “real estate” to make sure you’re organized to showcase, celebrate, and convey messages and content that invite all learners to joyfully learn more, writes author Regie Routman. In particular, critically examine your classroom libraries.

New Education Classic Enlivens SEL Teaching

The content of “Teaching Kids to Thrive” will help teach students positive ways to think, practice executive functioning skills, and create a culture of caring and responsibility. Linda Biondi describes why she found it to be one of the most empowering books she’s read.