Additional Page Options

We have a number of page options available for modifying the look of your individual pages. Here’s a glimpse of how a typical page edit looks like. Be sure to take note of the additional options below the content editor. The top part is for general page options, followed by options available only for blog … Continue reading Additional Page Options

Smart Admin

[col1 style=’text-align: center’] We have put a lot of time and effort to give you an administration panel that provides lots of options but at the same time isn’t cluttered and is very easy to use. The image below is a screenshot of the page options. Pages can either have a solid white background, or … Continue reading Smart Admin

Video Shortcodes

Normal (old-style) Video Shortcodes This is the normal way display videos by using a Flash-based player such as FlowPlayer. Since this is using normal videos use Flash, these do not play in iPhones and iPads. [infobox]Use the HTML5 video shortcode instead unless you really want to display Flash[/infobox] SWF Shortcode Explanation [pre][video_swf     width=”560″ … Continue reading Video Shortcodes


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