Raising Teacher Voices in Our Community Media

With leadership from the Western Massachusetts Writing Project, teachers regularly share classroom stories in their local media. Offering tips and lessons learned, Kevin Hodgson shows how adding educator voices to community discussions increases understanding and support.

How Ordinary Kids Can Be Extraordinary Citizens

How can you support your middle schoolers in peaceful and productive advocacy for equity and social justice? EL Education’s Anne Vilen shares the courageous story of immigrant Atak Natali to show how supportive teachers can help students come together to work for justice.

New Teachers: Look for PD in Everyday Life

The elements of good instruction can be found in many experiences that are already a part of daily life. NBCT Roxanna Elden suggests real-life activities that might improve teaching more than the PowerPoint-driven professional development in the auditorium.

Do We Care Enough to Expect Quality Work?

There is a growing flood of poor quality work being turned in by students. How can teachers turn the tide on rushed assignments filled with errors and unclear thinking? Teacher and soon-to-be principal Rita Platt shares her strategies for encouraging excellent writing.

Here’s How to Stage a Breakout Game in Class

End of year is an ideal time to try something new. Teachers and students have a lot of material to review, but also need to be engaged and energized. Why not stage a breakout game? Teacher Megan Kelly shares tips and says breakouts also make good school year starters!

Using ‘Literacy Journeys’ to Connect with Students

Teaming with her adjunct class of preservice ELA teachers, NBCT Amber Chandler develops the “Literacy Journey” – a multi-literacies activity that can create more awareness and insight among herself and her students, leading to a connected classroom community each Fall.

Job Interview Tips Tailored for Teachers

This time of year many new teacher candidates are graduating and are excited to enter the profession. The one thing they all have in common: they want to nail their job interview. After sitting on both sides of the hiring desk, Cheryl Mizerny has learned what works.