A Game Plan to Include SEL in Every Lesson

“Improve Every Lesson Plan with SEL” shows us how – through intentional, deliberate and embedded instruction, including differentiation and choice – teachers can assure all students gain the explicit and implicit SEL skills they need, writes middle level leader Todd Brist.

Develop Independent and Inter-Dependent Learners

Discover the why, what and how of collective student efficacy in this research-grounded book from John Hattie, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey and Shirley Clarke. Reviewer Sarah Cooper was inspired by the rich descriptions of “I” and “we” skills needed for higher-level learning.

Knowing WHEN to Use Technology in Class

Suzanne Kelly and Elizabeth Dobler help us understand that technology, when used with intention, can help teachers augment instruction without letting it dictate what we do.They offer many tools and ideas to guide decision making as we integrate tech into our lesson plans.