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Get Kids Thinking with Talks about Math

Educator Jennifer Underwood reports Making Number Talks Matter is an excellent read for all math teachers. The book explains both how to do math talks and why these talks are an important means of helping all students become confident mathematical thinkers.

How to Add Happiness and Humor to Your Classroom

Sue Stephensonโ€™s Kidding Around is overflowing with ideas for teachers who would like to add more humor and fun to their classrooms and want to help kids understand how they can promote their own happiness, says reviewer Jennifer Underwood. Also available in Spanish.

A Good Introduction to Singapore Math

For teachers who have not used Singapore math strategies before but want to give them a go, Jana Hazecamp’s book Why Before How is a great place to start, says former 4th grade math teacher Jennifer Underwood, who adds some tech ideas of her own.