Teaching and learning in grades 4-8

Infusing Pop Culture into Literacy Learning

In Making Curriculum Pop, Pam Goble and Ryan Goble have done exactly what harried teachers need most: provided a raft of templates for student work as well as grounded the notions of textual exploration in proven research and thoughtful theory, says Kevin Hodgson.

Should Math Students Be at the Board Working?

Math teacher Michelle Russell has come to believe that having students working at the whiteboard is a good teaching practice. Even so, she’s been busy exploring advantages and disadvantages via online and student research, striving to make a good practice even better.

2 Lessons Worth Sharing about Teacher Coaching

Done right, teacher coaching “can create bridges between varied experiences and classroom contexts, so that teaching knowledge flows in many directions, and teaching becomes a less isolated, more connected profession.” Ariel Sacks shares two lessons she learned early on.