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With help from volunteer readers (learn more), MiddleWeb publishes reviews of professional books that may be of interest to educators working with grades 4-8. You can visit our book review category to read short summaries of reviews, with the most recent reviews listed first.

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Like a sample?

bookstack-tight-200Real Talk About Classroom Management: 50 Best Practices That Work and Show You Believe in Your Students by Serena Pariser

Teach Writing Well: How to Assess Writing, Invigorate Instruction, and Rethink Revision by Ruth Culham

History Class Revisited: Tools and Projects to Engage Middle School Students in Social Studies by Jody Passanisi

Universal Design Daily: 365 Ways to Teach, Support and Challenge All Learners by Paula Kluth

Advanced Common Core Math Explorations: Ratios, Proportions, & Similarity, Grades 5-8 by Jerry Burkhart

Creating Scientists: Teaching and Assessing Science Practice for the NGSS by Christopher Moore

Reclaiming the Principalship: Instructional Leadership Strategies to Engage Your School Community and Focus on Learning by Tom Marshall