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9 Habit-Stacking Tips for Low-Key Summer Prep

You need your break! Don’t fill your summer ruminating endlessly about lessons and classes to come. Instead try the “habit stacking” strategy and prepare for the next school year without getting mired in the weeds. Teacher and coach Miriam Plotinsky shares nine possibilities.

What MATH-ish Can Add to Your Math Classes

In MATH-ish, youcubed.org co-founder Jo Boaler brings together real-world math, neuroscience, equity awareness, and classroom experiences to forge a powerful multi-faceted tool to encourage students’ collaboration and engagement, says math teacher and NBCT Kathleen Palmieri.

How Visualization Can Improve Comprehension

Jeff Wilhelm’s practical strategies – including unique frontloading ideas for addressing prior knowledge – will set students up for using visualization techniques that can improve reading comprehension, says literacy consultant Anne Anderson.