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How Can We Create a Dynamic Classroom?

Serena Pariser and Victoria Lentfer answer teachers’ questions about how best to establish dynamic classrooms, offering practical ways to build routines, minimize off-task behaviors, and engage students in truly meaningful ways. A great resource, says NBCT Kathie Palmieri.

Making Our Classrooms More Playful and Fun

School technology coach Josh Burker offers eight reasons why classroom making is not only playful and fun but also an effective strategy to build organizational, problem-solving and leadership skills. Included: A MaKey MaKey musical instruments project.

Engaging Students by Shifting the Environment

Engaging Students by Shifting the Environment

Metaphorically speaking, classrooms need an upgrade, leaving the traditional campfire and launching onto the holodeck with its whiz-bang tech ready to boost learning. Reviewer Andrea Long recommends following futurist David Thornburg’s lead.