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Just-in-Time Guide to Classroom 3D Printing

Reviewer Sandy Wisneski has found 3D Printing in the Classroom an excellent resource to begin her journey with 3D printers. Besides explaining the technology, the book also offers resources to search for student software and ideas to expand projects into real life.

A Joyous Vision of the Holodeck Classroom

David Thornburg’s From the Campfire to the Holodeck is not just about blending technology into lessons; it’s about good teaching in learning environments designed for the 21st century, says reviewer Sarah Cooper. Is there a holodeck in your school’s future?

Engaging Students by Shifting the Environment

Engaging Students by Shifting the Environment

Metaphorically speaking, classrooms need an upgrade, leaving the traditional campfire and launching onto the holodeck with its whiz-bang tech ready to boost learning. Reviewer Andrea Long recommends following futurist David Thornburg’s lead.