Author: Mary Tarashuk

The Super Bowl That Is My Classroom

4th grade teacher and NFL fan Mary Tarashuk has been watching lots of football lately, prepping for the Super Bowl. Given her love of metaphors, it’s no surprise she finds some analogies between quarterbacks and teachers running plays in their classroom arenas.

My Nephew Wants to Be an English Teacher

When Mary Tarashuk’s college-age nephew tells her he wants to become an English teacher, she smiles a welcome because she can see the “essential fire” in his eyes. He will, she writes, face innumerable challenges, “but also innumerable moments of sheer joy.”

The All-You-Can-Eat Math Resources Buffet

A steady flow of new district teaching resources is creating a more-than-you-can-eat buffet effect for 4th grade teacher Mary Tarashuk. Take the new online math program. Can she manage to put together the right selection of new dishes and old favorites?