Build STEM Skills Now: Try Citizen Science!

Count on it, writes STEM educator Anne Jolly, spring is almost here and your students’ energy and concentration are about to start slipping. Nice weather and seasonal events interfere with lesson continuity. How can you snag your kids’ interest again? Citizen science!

Dr. Borba’s Blueprint for Bullying Prevention

No single practice stops cruelty, but a combination of proven strategies used by committed staff trained in anti-bullying will maximize impact. Michele Borba outlines six rules that can help defeat the culture of bullying and replace it with the power of character.

Media Literacy Meets Congressional Testimony

Exposing students to broadcasts and other news of past Congressional hearings brings those events to life and can help kids relate to current hearings. Media literacy consultant Frank Baker traces 60 years of hearing coverage, underscoring the vital role of a free press.

Getting Test Ready? Try Some Retrieval Practice

Memory research leads us to an important insight: not only do we have to help students store information, they also need to be able to retrieve it. Expert Marilee Sprenger shares 13 rehearsal and retrieval practices to make learning stick. Re-reading isn’t one of them.

Service Learning Can Be “Education at Its Best”

Incorporating more service learning in your teaching can offer opportunities for students to experience empowered citizenship. Megan Kelly shares how her 6th graders connected learning about the science of water and world-wide challenges with related Kiva fundraising.

Making Equity Visible in Inclusive Classrooms

To meet the learning needs of students with diverse abilities in inclusion classrooms, NBCT Elizabeth Stein suggests a focus on equity. She offers four key strategies (with supporting resources) that align specifically with co-teaching strengths and student abilities.