Smart Admin

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We have put a lot of time and effort to give you an administration panel that provides lots of options but at the same time isn’t cluttered and is very easy to use. The image below is a screenshot of the page options. Pages can either have a solid white background, or they can be fully transparent.

[image src=”” caption=”These page options are shown right below the content editor”]

For transparent pages, font colors can be changed so that your text won’t blend in the background. (Check out the homepage for a demo of a transparent page with customized colors) Color pickers for changing font colors will only be shown if you select the transparent option. The screenshot below shows the color pickers in action.

[image src=”” caption=”Some options are only shown when applicable” ]

This smart feature is implemented across the whole admin. Visual help guides and help tooltip icons are scattered across the administration panel to help you with your site configuration.

[image src=”” caption=”Tooltips and visual guides are scattered for your convenience” ]