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6 Cool Tools Help Us Know Where Kids Are

One of the few silver linings to teaching in the pandemic has been a boost in teachers’ familiarity with and use of some pretty incredible tools, each designed to make it simple to gather evidence of learning with ease and efficiency. Curtis Chandler shares six favorites.

Why We Need to Rethink Grading Practices

After reviewing the history of grading, Cathy Vatterott shares reasons for implementing a progressive standards-based grading system, noting the challenges as well as the benefits. Teacher Michael DiClemente sees the need for research-based changes but wonders how to get there.

Assessment & Success in a Differentiated Classroom

Reviewer Fran Loose, PhD, finds Assessment and Student Success in a Differentiated Classroom is a valuable resource for beginning and veteran teachers, in general and special ed, in K-12 and university settings. It’s a book best read once then revisited periodically.