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Strategies for Teaching Vulnerable Learners

As they teach vulnerable students, veteran and new teachers will benefit from reading Suzy Pepper Rollins’ well organized and conversationally written book full of data, strategies, and a clear understanding of the real-world struggles we face, writes Laura Von Staden.

Assessment of Gifted and High-Ability Learners

Assessment of Gifted and High-Ability Learners is a guide to classroom assessment for instructional decisions, using the authors’ framework, Dynamic Teaching. The book presents a good foundation of three common assessment tools, writes gifted education specialist Kate Boonstra.

Challenging ELA for Gifted 4th Graders

Lindsay Kasten’s literacy based workbook provides teachers of gifted students from third to fifth grade with lessons and activities about Native Americans, inventions, nature, and struggle. Adaptable for all students, says 4th grade teacher Linda Biondi.

A Quick Look at G&T Teaching Strategies

The authors of Proven Strategies That Work attempt to provide solutions to complex issues of teaching gifted children in about four pages each, including forms, says reviewer Lisa Penrod. Some tips are helpful but suggested strategies need more development.