PPT: Teach Students about Writer’s Notebook

Back in the early alts (2004-05), on our first website, we featured a powerpoint presentation prepared by California literacy coach Juli Kendall that’s designed to introduce students to the idea of a Writer’s Notebook.


When MiddleWeb’s site was revamped in 2012, this powerpoint didn’t survive the transition. But nothing truly disappears on the Internet and we can see in our Google Analytics that nearly 10,000 searchers have tried to locate the powerpoint over the years.

So… we’ve found it in our archives and we’re making it available again. We hope you find it useful! Juli was a remarkable teacher and coach and the co-author of two outstanding workshop-oriented books from Stenhouse, Making Sense and Writing Sense (still great resources). Here’s an example of her work that you can feel free to share.


Download Juli’s Powerpoint for
Teaching about Using a Writer’s Notebook


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  1. Elisa Waingort says:

    Love this! So glad you found it and are sharing it.

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