Category: STEM By Design

STEM Face Off: Which Lesson Makes the Grade?

What makes a lesson or unit STEM-worthy? Expert Anne Jolly evaluates two actual lessons that have been given the STEM label. Each incorporates science, math, group work and technology, but one fails the ultimate STEM test. She details the reasons why in this insightful article.

The Tug of War Over STEM vs. STEAM

The curriculum tug of war between proponents of STEM programs and those who advocate for STEAM is in full force. Whichever side you may be pulling for, Anne Jolly has some facts, insights and questions that can help determine which way we should go.

Send Some STEM Fun Home for the Holidays!

When kids head home for the winter holidays, you can send along some super websites to help them keep in touch with their STEM mindset and have some fun, too. STEM educator Anne Jolly shares a collection of her favorite resources for teachers and parents.