Teaching and learning in grades 4-8

How to Boost Students’ Intrinsic Desire to Learn

In The Student Motivation Handbook, Larry Ferlazzo shows how to use research backed strategies to build a community of learners in the classroom and drive intrinsic motivation. Every strategy comes with practical, real world examples, writes award-winning social studies teacher Alexis Lecznar.

Reclaim the Joy in Education This Fall

Debbie Silver and Jack Berckemeyer have updated Deliberate Optimism to help educators resolve unsustainable stress levels by adapting their immediately implementable ideas for making each school day better. Written with humor and practicality, says teacher leader Sarah Cooper.

Moving Past Old-School Definitions of Literacy

“I want to recognize that my students are, in fact, highly literate human beings whose understanding of literacy has been shaped by an age of screens and digital interactions,” writes ELA teacher Jason DeHart. The question becomes, how do we change to meet them where they are?

Make AI Work for You as You Prep for Fall

Kathie Palmieri shows how the ChatGPT tool can help launch the new school year with content activities, introductory letters, and more. She also includes tips for using generative AI software to batch-plan lessons for a quarter, trimester, or even designing a year-long plan.

Writing: Let ChatGPT Create Your Exemplars

What if you could concentrate more on lesson development and spend less time creating exemplars (and non-exemplars) to use in writing instruction? Literacy consultant Sarah Tantillo shows how you can ask AI chatbots such as ChatGPT to do just that, step by step.

10 Snapshots of Effective Middle School Teams

Over 40 years of research on successful middle schools has verified the amazing benefits for students of interdisciplinary teacher teaming. Author, consultant and middle level evangelist Jack Berckemeyer offers 10 snapshots that define the characteristics of effective teams.