All the Vocabulary Help You’re Likely to Need

vocabulary-logo-550Vocabulary! Under the canopy of the Common Core, student knowledge of academic language matters more than ever, all across the content areas.

As you begin to think about what your students will need in the new year (with assessments looming), strategies for building vocabulary may be near the top of your list.

At least that’s what our tally of MiddleWeb reader favorites seems to suggest. So we’ve gathered together our most popular vocabulary articles for easy clicking. We’re sure you’ll find some help and inspiration.

The 10-Minute Vocabulary Lesson

clock-250Brief encounters with academic vocabulary can add hundreds of words to a student’s collection every year. How to find the time for those short lessons in a busy school day? Author and consultant Marilee Sprenger shares ten possibilities in our most-read vocabulary article.

3 Strategies Help Students Decipher Unknown Words

Vocabulary knowledge is the heart of reading comprehension and academic achievement, says literacy consultant Brenda Overturf, “and it means way more than just learning words.” Students must have the tools to decipher unknown academic words. She shares three of the best.

quizlet-logoTeaching Vocabulary with Digital Tools

ELA teacher and former llama wrangler Lee Ann Spillane details how she teaches content-related vocabulary using several versatile digital tools including Quizlet and

Vocab: How to Rock Greek & Latin Roots

When you think of Greek and Latin roots, you think high student engagement, right? No? ELA teacher Amber Chandler plans to make all those old roots rock as she introduces the concepts of language development and acquisition to her students.

Teaching Vocabulary in Word-Rich Classrooms

JA-tools-vocab-120Students can learn difficult vocabulary when they are immersed in a rich array of words, says reading expert Janet Allen. In this excerpt from her best-selling collection of vocabulary teaching tools, Allen describes ways to create a word-rich environment. Includes reproducibles and links to two reviews of Allen’s popular flip book.


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