Teaching 4th Gr. Civics This Election Year

This year, with an historic Presidential election in the making, civics studies take on a bit more relevance for Mary Tarashuk’s 4th graders. As she worked on her lesson plans this summer, she uncovered fresh resources to help her met five key teaching goals.

Stop Student Plagiarism Before It Starts

For Cheryl Mizerny, detecting plagiarism and determining consequences require more energy than proactively planning assignments that don’t lend themselves to copying. She shares strategies to support learning while making plagiarism less attractive to students.

3 Stretch Goals for Math Teaching This Year

Before planning her first lessons, math teacher Michelle Russell came up with her three teaching goals for the year. Most of all, she wants to strengthen her student relationships and make learning about math more fun. See the survey she did on Day One.

How Rich Teaching Can Help Poor Students

Eric Jensen provides research plus easy-to-implement strategies around 4 key mindsets for learning – relational, achievement, classroom climate, and engagement – that can help poor students succeed. Consultant Anne Anderson calls it “must” summer reading.

Building Vocabulary by Making Words Real

Joanne Billingsley’s Making Words Real provides specific, detailed instructions for teachers to use when introducing a vocabulary strategy. Anne Anderson recommends her systematic approach to card sorts, sample lessons, sentence starters/stems and more.

Writing and Reading with 50 Mentor Texts

In “Text Structures From the Masters,” educators Gretchen Bernabei and Jennifer Koppe did the hard work for English and social studies teachers of grades 6–10 when they collected 50 quality, nonfiction mentor texts and created an easy-to-follow lesson structure for each one.

Expert Advice for Working with Complex Texts

Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey and Diane Lapp want teachers to use the ideas and advice in Text Complexity “to support every student in becoming more skilled at reading complex texts.” Anne Anderson reports their book will “stretch” both teachers and students!

Grow Purposeful Writers in the Middle Grades

Writing comes alive in Paula Bourque’s book “Close Writing: Developing Purposeful Writers.” Bourque supports her strategies for engaging youngsters in writing, revising and editing with classroom stories, study guides, and videos, says teacher Linda Biondi.